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Name: Cali Logan in The Pleasure of Destruction
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 15.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:30:04
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: The clip stars a Cali Logan. She should be wearing a school girl uniform, Cali should be wearing the same type of the thing that Cali wore in "These Shoes Were Made for Crushing" (and she should keep her shoes on for the whole video please).
SFX is requested. I would like all the buildings that gets destroyed to be in lots and lots of flames. There should be tons of fire, and smoke (although please don't have the smoke block our view of the giantess or the fire, so have the smoke behind her in the shot or have the wind blow it away or reduce the smoke enough so we can clearly see her and the fire I would also like tons of explosions. There will also be planes, tanks, and an army.
The clip begins with a shot of some buildings or part of the city (where you cannot see Cali). Then suddenly, Cali stands up into the shot (as if she had been kneeling, out of view, just below the frame) and she towers over the buildings (at least the buildings in this shot. Cali has a happy/pleased/satisfied expression on her face throughout the entire clip Throughout the entire clip she shows evil delight and giddiness with everything that she is doing. She looks present and aware, and she is paying attention to what she's doing. She is gleeful and playfully delighted and literally orgasmically happy with everything that she is doing. Throughout the clip, she smiles, giggles, laughs, moans in ecstasy (while running her fingers through her hair), bites her bottom lip in ecstasy (as if she holding herself back from moaning in pleasure) etc. (things like that, you get the picture). She shows incredible joy, playfulness, and sexual satisfaction on her face and in her body throughout the whole clip. Clearly she is being turned-on by everything that she is doing, and she acts as if all her activity is extremely pleasurable to her. She also acts pure evil, and shows no sign of mercy or guilt over anything that she does: only pleasure at all the destruction she is causing (which seems to be making her horny, as well as satisfied).
Cali doesn't speak throughout the entire clip (she doesn't say a single recognizable word throughout the entire clip, except for maybe an orgasmically muttered "yes" every now and again or maybe a moaned "oh, god!"): she doesn't tease, she doesn't boast, she doesn't insult, she doesn't verbally communicate to the camera, nor the tiny citizens, she doesn't make demands. Cali moves freely and she seems very relaxed, natural, and open with her movement, walking, and stomping. She seems as if she's having great fun.
As for Cali's speed, she goes at an unchanging, steady speed (not too fast and not too slow). Fast enough to be efficient and get to the crushing quickly, but slow enough to enjoy the moment.
This is a city crush video where the giantess is extremely methodical, ruthless, unchanging, invincible, unmovable, but more than any of these Cali is efficient. Cali doesn't look to see what people are doing, doesn't take a moment to decide what to do next (ever), she never gets distracted, she never walks around the city to survey the damage that she did or is about to do, she never paces or walks around, she never looks inside a building or car, she never picks anything or anyone up, and she never takes a break from the crushing, except to walk (taking the shortest way possible) to the next thing to crush (or taking a quick moment for herself). Everything in this entire clip is crushed with her feet, no boob or butt crush, with the exception of the skyscrapers. She crushes the building without speaking but obviously takes great delight in it, and she flattens it out completely. She takes her time, not to tease nor build suspense for the people still in the building, but out of thoroughness. She has no interest in building suspense or terrifying people before she ends them--she seems to be interested in getting straight to the crushing immediately. Cali stomps on the building until she is satisfied that it is completely flat. She stops, turns, steps to the building immediately adjacent, turns toward that building and repeats the process of crushing that building with her feet. Then the next building than the next. (Once again, no wasted time and no walking around or surveying the situation or teasing, just crush, move to the next building, crush, move to the next building, crush, move to the next building, crush....). She stops only occasionally to catch her breath from the orgasmic pleasure of her crushing, or to take a moment to enjoy her crushing (very briefly) or to simply take a quick moment to laugh or giggle at everything she's doing--but these moments are fleeting and she quickly gets back to the crushing. It's as if she's on a mission to destroy all the buildings flat. Although there might be variety of buildings and camera angles, there is somewhat little variation of Cali's movements, and pace: walking in the same way, crushing (all with her feet) with a similar pattern to her stomps, foot position, etc. Crushing each building efficiently but also taking her time, until that building is completely destroyed (perhaps on fire and with smoke). Then, utterly happy with herself, she moves onto the next building and crushes it in (almost) the exact same way (it doesn't have to be exact, exact crushes every time, there's just no reason for Cali to come up with a different crush every time). As per my request above, the buildings that are destroyed (flattened) should be engulfed in flame after they are crushed. Once she gets to the end of one side of a street, without a moment's hesitation she turns to the other side of the street and does the same thing, working her way down that side of the street, one building at a time: crush, move to the next building, crush, move to the next building, crush, move to the next building, crush, move to the next building (with the occasional short pause for Cali to be ecstatic). No teasing, no talking, no useless walking around. And once she's finished with that street, she immediately moves onto the adjacent street (showing no imagination as to what she'll crush next ever; always moving from one thing to the immediate next thing to crush). Cali does this and works her way throughout the entire city, literally destroying every single building in the city (working her way from one end of the city to the other). Since almost everything that Cali crushes gets engulfed with flame, by the time that she finishes with one side of a street, that entire side of the street is a giant raging fire. The fire doesn't have to be realistic (and should actually be unrealistically big, fierce, and enduring). The fire usually starts after Cali crushes whatever it is that she's crushing (not during) so Cali is usually not stepping into a fire but the place that she just finished crushing bursts into flames after she walks away from it. As stated above, I'd like lots of explosions (some big, some small) but these explosions can be mostly off-screen (where we just hear them) with maybe a few explosions in the background (of already flattened areas). These explosions should be devastating the already destroyed areas (and are therefore usually background or foreground action, depending on where Cali is standing). The explosions and fire don't have to follow any logic (think Michael Bay), except that they are all entirely contained within the area that Cali has destroyed (the areas she hasn't destroyed remain untouched by fire until after she flattens it). As she works her way through the city, the area that she destroyed looks like an apocalypse happened there, it's just rubble, raging fire, smoke, and an occasional explosion that makes the fire even bigger. The fire never lets up, the entire clip. Since Cali destroys every building in the city (working her way from one end of the city to the other) and the fire continues without quitting, by the end of the clip the entire city (without exception) is engulfed in massive flame.
During the attack itself, Cali only crushes buildings deliberately, she makes no attempt to crush people or cars, however if she accidentally steps on something as she's walking that's okay and she ignores it. She also ignores all the smoke, fire, and explosions which don't startle or alarm her at all (although she could take pleasure in it if she wants). During the attack, there are the usual giantesszone screams, emergency sirens, and people running around but Cali just seems to ignore all this (or get pleasure out of it, but it doesn't distract her or slow down her crushing). As the clip nears its end, the screaming, people running around, and emergency sirens become less and less and less, until the very end (when the city is engulfed in flame) where all you can hear is fire and explosions, thus implying that no one survived (and it also looks like no one could possibly have escaped her crushing or the fire).
Now, I promised a note about the skyscrapers: above I said that she crushes everything with her feet. The skyscrapers (since they are tall enough that they aren't easily crushed by foot at first) are destroyed in a different fashion. Cali uses her hands to destroy the skyscraper (or skyscrapers if there's two of them--please, no more than two skyscrapers) one floor at a time. She starts at the top floor, destroys it and throws the rubble aside, then destroys the next floor down in the same way and throws the debris aside, then the next floor, then the next, then the next--as with everything else it is very efficient, mechanical, unimaginative (on the part of the giantess) and she's absolutely loving every second of it. Once, the skyscraper has been reduced to the level of the other buildings, Cali crushes the remainder with her feet as always.
In the last few minutes of the city's destruction (when there's only a very small number of buildings left by this point), Cali is attacked by tanks and fighter jets that shoot her, as well as soldiers that unload machines weapons at her. These attacks are 100% ineffective; there's no indication that she even feels the attacks. The army and air force throw everything that they have at her and she doesn't even wince. She just keeps on crushing buildings with her feet, she doesn't even bother to look, let alone swat at the planes that are flying around her. Instead, she just laughs at them and continues with her crushing (she definitely doesn't feel the attack against her).
Many tanks, and soldiers may be ended or destroyed incidentally (by fire, debris falling on them, or accidental stepping on them) but she doesn't destroy the army deliberately until after the city is destroyed. Once the city is destroyed (and engulfed in flame and smoke) she strides outside of the city limits (away from the fire and smoke) followed by several fighter jets (which up until now she had been ignoring). The fighter jets are flying all around her, shooting at her (completely ineffectually as I stated before). Cali begins facing jets or groups of jets (happy to have new things to play with) and blowing towards them. She doesn't blow hard, but it's clear that she has super-breath and when she blows toward a jet (or group of jets) it creates hurricane force winds and the jet or jets (without fail) completely looses control and crashes (into her or the ground or the burning city). She never misses with her blowing (always hitting the target and having the target crash) and the whole thing (like everything else in this video) is completely effortless on Cali's part. She repeats the blowing at the jets until they are all gone (of course, she loves every moment of it).
She than proceeds to a field where there's a large army, filled with tanks and soldiers all firing at her. You can guess what happens here. Cali effortless stomps on everyone and everything destroying everyone there (all with her feet). She is efficient, ruthless, she calmly takes her time, she is completely unmoved by their attack on her, no one survives, she's orgasmically happy about the whole thing, she doesn't speak or talk, yadda yadda yadda... I'm pretty sure you get it by now.
The clip ends with the army completely destroyed and Cali spotting a highway (or road) leading away. We can't see where the road ends or where it leads, it just goes into the distance implying that she's going to another city where she'll do this all over again)...
Then (finally) fade to black...
Status: Available