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Name: Vonka in therapy gaslighting
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:14:29
Size (MB): 660 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: We've been having problems finding a girlfriend as of late, and we're starting to think we are the problem. So, to help sort out our problems, we make an appointment with Vonka. Unbeknownst to us, Vonka has her own plans... She tells us to take a seat on the couch, then starts with the usual "what brings you in today?" -type questions (we don't hear ourselves speak, but she answers as if we did.) As she's nodding along, writing notes, and listening to us as we answer her intake questions, we slowly start to shrink. We don't notice at first, as she asks us why we feel there is something wrong with us, and that is why we can't find someone. Eventually we start noticing, but when we ask a question, she merely tells us "don't worry about that" and continues the questioning. Her questions, though, are beginning to guide us down a certain train of thought: that we're worthless, and that we are not worthy to be loved by women. When we are about knee-high, Vonka tells us to get off the couch, telling us this like we are some kind of sub human that will get the furniture dirty, and orders us to stand at her feet before she continues questioning. We keep shrinking, as this therapist slowly becomes a giant goddess before our eyes, jotting down notes and subtly dehumanizing us more and more. Eventually, we finish shrinking, around say half an inch tall. Around then, Vonka interrupts us to mention her feet have been hurting her all day, and, removing her flats, asks/orders us to massage her feet. She hovers her soles above us, until they become our entire vision. All the while, she is still questioning us like this is a normal therapy session for her. After a minute or so, though, she interrupts us again, saying she wants to get a bit more comfortable. She snatches us up, places us on the coffee table, and slams her two beautiful soles onto the table in front of us. She tells us to continue while she jots down some more notes. (Here, if you could, potentially get a few shots that have Vonka's face and her towering soles in the same shot. Also, if you could get a few more that really make her feet look immensely huge, it would be much appreciated.) After another minute or so, Vonka finishes writing and holds us to her face. She declares that after thorough analysis, we are indeed not good enough to be loved. Her conclusion is that, we are an insect, and insects are not worthy of the love of goddesses. To prove it, she places us back on the floor and strips to her underwear. She tells us to look at her, then look at ourselves (again, make her look as towering as possible. And also a few shots of her feet head on so we can see her nails would be nice.) She points out how miniscule and grotesque we are compared to her and her beauty. She says we never will be loved, there is no hope for us, and the only thing a pathetic bug like us is worth becoming is a snack for a goddess, or a stain on her sole (threatening to stomp on us then.) She asks us which "treatment plan" we would prefer. We opt for being eaten. So, she picks us back up, and gives us a preview of her gorgeous mouth and throat, teasing us and threatening to drop us in. She asks if we're still sure, and we say no. But, by now, it's too late... Vonka's hungry. And she eats us alive. If possible, I think it would be fun to have a little "post credits" type scene where Vonka is meeting with another client. She's in the middle of her introduction when she suddenly lets out a little burp (nothing too big, not a burp fan.) She asks the person to excuse her, her last meal is "fighting back" or "not agreeing with her" or something like that, before continuing on with the session. All in all, I really want most of the dialogue to be in yall's hands. Just looking for her to ask questions and say things that don't TELL us how we feel, but rather manipulate us into thinking different, until the end when we accept the fact we are nothing more than bugs to goddesses like her. Kind of gaslighting, as awful as that sounds.
Status: Available