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Name: Keri in New Foot Slave Orientation VR360 4K
Studio: PovLand
Price: $ 9.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 13 Minutes
Size (MB): 500 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: he basic idea is that she purchased a tiny person from the dark web, and he's just arrived in the mail today. Now she's got to figure out what to do with him. Starts off with the camera inside a box. Its dark. The box is sitting on the floor. Box opens from the top and she is looking down into it with bewilderment and amusement. She's dressed casually/ comfortably and is wearing white socks. She reaches in and picks up the camera to looks over her new toy. She teases him about his size and says she's going to put him on the floor but earns him not to run. She places the camera on the floor at her feet and lifts her foot over it. She says if he runs, she will step on him, and she doesn't want to have to do that just yet. She notices he gets scared at the threat of being stepped on. She teases him for a bit, bringing her foot over him and slowly lowering it, stopped just before she fully steps on him. She stops teasing him and leans forward, looking down and thinks out loud about what she could do with a little person. Occasionally she prods him with her toe. She admits that she really likes how scared he seems to be of her and says she really just wants to step on him to see what it feels like. She raises her foot over him again and slowly lowers it, but stops and holds it above him says she's just teasing him. She says stepping on him would ruin her socks. Then she decides she should take them off, just in case. She removes her socks and holds her foot over the camera. She asks if he thinks her feet are pretty. Then she says he should kiss them. He refuses and she becomes more assertive and demands that he kiss her feet. She stands up and lifts her foot up slightly, heel still on the floor and tells him that he should be kissing her feet and thanking her for not crushing him like the worthless bug he is. She raises her foot over him and demands he kiss it. He does. She then makes him kiss the other. Then while standing, she raises her foot and holds it over him while deciding whether or not to keep him. She decides she will keep him, for now, but he needs to be trained. she then pulls out a small cage and puts the camera inside. She sits back down and puts her foot on the cage. She says he should get used to kissing her feet because he will be doing it a lot. She says he might even learn to enjoy it and that he should rest up because tomorrow she's going to start his training.
Status: Available