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Name: A Villains Wrath
Studio: GiantessZone Movies
Price: $ 14.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:30:17
Size (MB): 1 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: In this custom, the main premise is that the model is a super villain who has spent a long time terrorizing the city with her evil powers (and what not), but has now been defeated and is being taken away to jail (or wherever super villains go after they are captured). The city seems to now be saved... or so they think. In transit, the super villain somehow gets drenched by a mysterious liquid, which turns out to be an experimental growth potion that was to be used to animals to help solve the world's famine problems.

The super villain is obviously pissed off after getting all wet, but then starts to feel something strange... something powerful. The super villain then starts to notice that her restraints are no longer fitting her and she starts growing. As she is growing, the model states, "Hahaha! You idiots really thought you could get rid of me!? Looks like I'm having a bit of a growth spurt! Hahahaha!"

The super villain continues to grow until she reaches the normal city size and now lets out tons of bellowing evil laughter. She can't believe that, not only is she free again, but now she is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than ever before! The model belittles the city with statements such as, "Hahaha! You puny and powerless fools! I've terrorized your city for years now at normal... just imagine what I can do now that I gigantic! Hahaha!"

The giantess goes about talking about how powerful she is now that she is grown and talks about how her powers are probably magnified as well. She shows off many displays of power such as destroying an army like its nothing (with her size and powers, whatever those may be or want to include). I've always enjoyed the scenes with the giantess destroying armies so I'd love a decently long portion to be dedicated to the giantess doing this and talking about how she is so powerful and bullets will not do anything to her. She talks about tanks couldn't even hurt her at normal size, so what could they possibly do to her now?

After destroying the army, she can continue to terrorize the city and maybe even exterminate a couple superheroes (if you want to include that). She talks about how the superheroes are so powerless to defeat her now. They couldn't defeat her at normal size, so why would they have a chance now? Her powers and strength are magnified, so all of this is easy!

Throughout the video, I'd love for the giantess to continually talk about how powerful she is and how powerless the city is to stop her. I want her to talk about how easy it will be to take over the world now since she's so huge and I'd love a LOT of evil laughter. For the length, I'd love a 25-35 min video
Status: Available