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Name: Vonka in College Growth Experience
Studio: Growth Dreams
Price: $ 12.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:19
Size (MB): 594 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: I would like a video with one girl from the pov perspective of a second girl off camera.

Two geeky coeds have managed to sneak into the closed faculty dining hall, under repair since last semester.  Officially, the hole to be fixed in the roof is supposed to have been the result of a massive tornado, but campus rumors speculate otherwise.  Most popular is the notion that a gigantic woman was the cause of it all--perhaps even an alien??  But these two young women hope to crack the case, "Just think, when we break this story all over campus, we'll be famous!  We'll be trending on YouTube and our Instagrams will totally blow up!"  Sure enough, they soon stumble upon a rack of several sealed test tubes--what could these be doing in a cafeteria setting?  "This has GOT to be it!" exclaims the first in delight, ready to take a gulp.  But the other needs more convincing, "I don't know--this seems awfully dangerous.  What if it's...poison?" They agree to smuggle their new treasure back to their dorm room...

Once there, the disagreement is settled, "Look, I'm gonna drink one of these--and if I become famous... or rich... or powerful, then you're gonna be even more of a pathetic, lonely loser than you are now!"  Indeed, there was no turning back.  They each grab a test tube, mockingly toast each other, and gulp hard... A strange stirring sets in, and slowly but surely they seem to grow a foot or two in height!  Not only are they taller, but they are no longer the plainest of Plain Janes on campus!   Their chests have become outstanding, and their faces and hair look as if they were dolled up by Hollywood's finest!

"You're so...busty!" exclaims one.  The other replies, "Busty?  You mean... lusty!"  It takes no time for the potions to change their perspective--another round of test tubes can't come quickly enough!  But as they become bolder, it appears they become older?!  Not only do they receive a second dose of growing (as tall as 10'), but they've leapt from being 19 year-olds to ...26 year old grad students?  Their IDs have changed ages accordingly as have their belongings.  They can't help but stare seductively at each other, from head to toe and back again, getting more and more turned on by the minute.  Time for another tube...

Right on cue, the growth spurt begins again... this time accompanied by another age spurt.  They've become insatiable 30-foot MILFs in their mid-30s!  The dormitory can no longer contain them, nor can they contain their red-hot urges for each other.  They've become fully aware that the campus is theirs for the taking, but first they want to take the opportunity to enjoy each other.   They begin to make out briefly in the center of campus, with absolutely no shame.  And as they "heat up" together, they fuel even more growth and more passion!  They've certainly become the tallest things on Earth... and they won't stop until they've become taller than the Earth itself!!
Status: Available