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Name: Miss Ropers Shrinking Experiment Gone Wrong!
Studio: Vore Vixens
Price: $ 11.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:14
Size (MB): 764 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: Customers Script:

Visuals: 1st Person Shrunken Person POV + 3rd Person Ending

Story Summary: (1st Person POV, normal size person entering your office. You are sitting at your desk.) You are my university physics professor and you have asked me in your office for a very important experiment. I come in. You thank me for accepting your invitation and reveal to me that you’ve been working on a machine capable of shrinking anything. You’ve tested it on many things so far but have not found a volunteer to test it on humans. You tell me that this is where I am needed – you want me to be the first person to ever shrink. Seeing that I am unsure, you reassure me, telling me that you’ll be able to bring me back to my original size once you have collected all the data you need. Seeing how excited you are at the idea of successfully testing your invention, I agree to do it. You take out a remote and point it at me. Immediately after, I start shrinking in front of your eyes

(1st Person POV going down till I reach the ground in front of your feet). At first, you stay still, telling me everything is going normally. However, as I shrink far below your knees, your eyes start growing wide in astonishment – I am shrinking far more than you thought I would, finally stopping at less than an inch tall. Seeing me panic a bit, you ask me how I feel and inform me that I have shrunken a lot. While a bit concerned about me, you can not help but smile wide and laugh seeing that your invention works. To avoid stepping on me, you delicately pick me up between your fingers and put me on your desk where I face your happy beautiful face checking me out to make sure I am still normal, just smaller. You can not believe I am so small! You run a few tests on me, asking me to try to lift your index as you put it on top of my head, walk in a straight line… You blow on me to test how heavy I am, which makes me stumble, getting you to laugh at my expense. You see that I am beginning to be a bit annoyed of being at that size and you tell me it is time for me to grow back. You point the remote at me, but unfortunately, it doesn not work. You laugh it off at first, telling me it is just a dud and retry – still nothing. You are clearly more concerned now and wonder what the problem could be. I start worrying and ask you to take me to a hospital. You say no, that no one can know about me and your project yet. You start tweaking with the remote and tell me to wait. After a few seconds concentrating on your remote, your absentmindedly kick off your shoes and put both your bare feet on your desk, right in front of me. As they tower over me, they also engulf me in a sea of aroma ranging from sweat to leather. I move around, trying to get your attention. When you finally see me, you ask me what is wrong. Realizing it must be your feet, you apologize for the smell. However, you still don not move them away, telling me to bear with it as you spent the whole day walking in your heels and that you can use some rest. You go back to tweaking but after a few seconds, you start to grin. With an innocent voice, you tell me that since I am so close to your feet already, I might as well be a good little guy and massage them for you. To make your order clear, you hover your foot over me and joke about how you could forget about re-growing me. I start rubbing your giant soles and you seem to like it. You tease me by saying that I am doing a great job and that you might not want to grow me back if I keep it up like that. You keep on teasing me by thinking out loud about all the things that a tiny guy like me could do for you (licking your shoes clean, polishing your nails, rubbing your feet while you are at work.). As you start to say that it is too bad you will have to grow me back, you gasp, realizing why the remote didn not work. It did not save my normal size data making it impossible for me to go back to normal – I am stuck like this forever. You lack words to say how sorry you are. You wonder what you could do with me now, thinking about crushing me to get rid of the evidence. However, you slowly get to term with the idea of keeping me as a slave – at least I will be alive. You laugh at the idea and completely ignore my complaints. Your mind is set, you will take me home and keep me forever. To make sure no one can see me, and so I can keep on taking care of your feet on the way back, you decide to put me in your heels.

(1st person POV of me being lowered in your shoe as your feet slide in the heel. Transition to 3rd person POV of you finishing to put your heels on.). You get up and shake your foot a bit, asking me if I am doing alright in there. You say you are sorry for ruining my future, but that I should be grateful not to be crushed right now. With a grin, you tell me that I should lick your feet to thank you for keeping me alive. With a wide smile on your face, you leave your office.

Time Ratio: To give you an idea in term of length of the different phases of this clip, I am thinking you should be putting your feet on the desk at around 4 minutes in. Attitude Summary: I would love to see you being playful, joyful, intrigued and a bit mockful in this clip. The main goal for me is that it feels like you are slowly making me your slave as without having to be explicitly mean or dominant. As you try to repair the remote, you are testing the limit of your power over me which is reinforce once you realize I am stuck this way forever.

Wardrobe: I fully trust you to nail the wardrobe for a professor/office environment. Whether is a nice dress or a skirt mixed with a white blouse. Regarding shoes, I have mentioned high heels in the scenario, though flats would do too.

Props/Setting: The only prop you will need is a remote/phone. For the setting, I have mentioned an office with a desk. If that is not doable, I guess a sofa and a low table could do the trick. Note: I love your work and I am fully aware of your amazing skills at teasing your subjects, always finding the right words for every situation. I am sure this custom video will be no different and I would be more than happy to let you come up with any dialogue that you think would fit the scenario on the fly.

Customers Feedback:
Thank you very much! I have just watched it and it was absolutely awesome ????
I am really impressed by how well you captured the scenario. I will definitely come back towards you next time I have a cool story I would like to see come to life.
Thank you again for your awesome work on this custom.
Status: Available