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Name: Ringsize 2 - Ruthless
Studio: Bratty Foot Girls
Price: $ 16.99
Length (hh:mm:ss): 00:15:52
Size (MB): 962 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Media Type: DOWNLOAD
Description: RINGSIZE 2 SFX
Starring: Ama Rio, Ashlynn Taylor, Jason Ninja
Runtime: 16 minutes
Rated MA: Violence, Sexual Scenes, Nudity, Language.

After Shrinking Ashlynn into a tiny sex doll for herself and her man, Ama can't wait to show her man what she's done. She's finally able to play out her ultimate fantasy incorporating her microphilia into her love life. She's got the perfect night set up. She's dressed up as a Genie and has Ashlynn safely snug between her breasts. As her man comes in he's excited to hear about what his girl has got for him. Slowly she pulls out Ashlynn and places her in her hand. Her man looks on in horror as he realizes the tiny person is real and also their friend Ashlynn. He wants no part of this sick fantasy of Ama's and argues with her that it's not right. Ama, now armed with the power of the Ring, isn't about to lose this chance as she points it at him and shrinks him even smaller than Ashlynn. Now the size of a bug at his girlfriends giant feet, he knows he is in BIG trouble. He's so small Ama could easily step on him without a second thought. Ama picks him up and places him next to the bigger Ashlynn on the table. After untying Ashlynn, she orders both of her new tiny slaves to get to work on her giant soles. She wants them to worship her. She can feel her pussy juices going as the tinies get to work licking her giant soles and toes.

Ama can't help but feel the need to get off, she tells her man she wants him to get off too as she closes her eyes as her giant foot slowly lowers onto him not giving him much chance of survival, soon he is squished into a red dot on her big toe. Ama having not realizing it in her state of orgasm.

Now only Ashlynn remains. Ama isn't finished with her and decides to shrink Ashlynn even smaller, to the size of a speck as well. She then plucks her up between her fingers and drops her into her pussy. Once again masturbating as the tiny Ashlynn rolls around inside her huge pussy. Ama gets off once again as she pulls out Ashlynn and places her on the table next to the Ring. All these Orgasms have her exhausted as she lays down to take a nap. Now is Ashlynn's only chance to attempted to get back to normal size if she can reach the ring in time....

Starring: Ama Rio, Ashlynn Taylor, Jason Ninja

Clip features: Special FX, Sound FX, Music, 1x Crush, 2x Shrink, Foot Worship, POV Feet, Booms, Shakes, 2x Clothed Masturbation, 1x Inside pussy shot.

Part 2 of 3.
Status: Available